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Since - 1997 Twenty Five years and Marching Ahead

Ratnm Infra was incorporated in the year 1997 and operates its business from the corporate office in Chennai. And has completed Twenty Five years and marching ahead. Ratnm infra has proven their might in varied type of infrastructure works, specializing in Earth Works, Road Works & Civil Works. and have successfully completed many Turnkey Projects.

Ratnm is a team of professionals with a transparency in the field of construction. Our clients get what they ask for our experienced and dexterous engineers take complete care of their requirements. We give importance to the contemporary technologies and methodologies in order to make our services more efficient and customer friendly.

Ratnm infra is a professionally managed company with required human resource and providing world class quality products. Working over the years with a pool of talented professionals, the company has developed strong technical expertise by integrating state - of - the - art technologies to specifically address the end use needs with the timely execution of quality work as its core competence.

Company is headquartered at Chennai with branch offices at project locations. With increased year - on - year networth experience. Ratnm Infra has a talented and a complete management team working under the leadership of Mr. Nagaraj Brundavan, Promoter of the company. It has dedicated team for bidding, project planning, detailed engineering project management.

Our Expertise

Earth Works

Earthworks are a fundamental aspect of infrastructure development and construction projects, and Ratnm Infra has emerged as a key player in this crucial sector. With a steadfast commitment to excellence and a focus on delivering high-quality services... Read More

Rock Excavation

Ratnm Infra has established itself as a premier player in the field of rock excavation. With a commitment to excellence and a track record of successfully tackling even the most challenging excavation projects, Ratnm Infra has become a trusted name in the industry... Read More

Concrete Roads

Ratnm Infra has been at the forefront of promoting the use of cement roads in infrastructure development. Cement roads offer several advantages over traditional asphalt roads, and we have recognized these benefits in our commitment to creating sustainable... Read More

BT Roads (Black Top)

Ratnam Infra has a strong reputation for constructing Blacktop (BT) roads that play a pivotal role in enhancing transportation networks and connectivity. These roads are an integral part of modern infrastructure and are highly valued for their durability... Read More


Ratnm Infra has established itself as a versatile and all-encompassing infrastructure development company by expanding our expertise beyond road construction that also includes building construction. When it comes to building construction... Read More

Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEB)

Ratnm Infra, has ventured into the realm of Pre-engineered Buildings (PEBs) sourced externally but developed and assembled by our expert team. This innovative approach allows Ratnm Infra to offer clients a broader spectrum of options while maintaining... Read More

Our Portfolio

  • All
  • Mass Earth
  • Rock Excavation
  • Trench
  • Water Bodies
  • Pipeline
  • Concrete Roads
  • Bitumen Roads
  • Buildings
  • Industrial
  • Land Development
  • Retaining Walls
  • STP Retrofit
  • Interiors
  • PEB Buildings
  • Canal Works

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